Tax Information

The Property Valuation Administrator’s (PVA) Office is responsible for determining the Fair Market Assessment of all property throughout Kenton County.  The PVA does not determine or set tax rates and does not establish taxing districts.  The PVA Office does not collect any taxes.

FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING TAX BILLS, please contact the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office.

For tax information, please contact the appropriate taxing entities such as the school district, city, county and fire district.

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For questions regarding escrow accounts for taxes, please contact the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office.

For questions regarding the annual tax bill sale and/or delinquent tax bills, contact the Kenton County Clerks Office.

Search property records:   Kenton County Official Records (KCOR)

To obtain general information about the processes followed for real property assessments, appeals, tax rates and property tax bill collections, please see the Kentucky Department of Revenue's Explanation of the Property Tax Process.