Kenton County PVA open records policy

Principle Office
The principle Office of the Kenton County PVA is:
1840 Simon Kenton Way
Suite 3300
Covington, KY 41011-2999

The Kenton PVA designates the following Records Custodian:
Darlene M. Plummer, PVA

Phone: (859) 392-1750
Fax: (859) 392-1770

Office Hours
The regular office hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Copy Fees

  • The fee for copying records shall be $0.10 per page.
  • This fee shall be payable in advance of the document being produced.
  • If the citizen desires the material to be mailed, the postage shall also be paid in addition to the copy fee and in advance.


  • All record requests shall be in writing and signed by the requester.
    Open Records Request Form
  • All record requests must specifically state the documents to be inspected.
  • All inspections of records must take place during the regular business hours.
  • The records shall not be removed from the Kenton County PVA Office.
  • The Records Custodian shall be responsible for showing the citizen where the records are kept if desired.
  • If the requesting citizen copies while at the Kenton County PVA Office, copies will be made. If pre-payment of the copy fee is made AND the staff is available.
  • If the requesting citizen is not at the Kenton County Offices upon request, the copies shall be made within three days UPON receipt of the copy fee, postage and mailer if necessary.